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Life IN a 360 Degree View


Photographing the world in 360

I'm adding places and photos in both  360 and cellular photography. 

I may not have a High-end budget for equipment. Like some others but I do get out and map trails bike walking and otherwise. Show business and their food and atmosphere. both as a 360 Photographer and as A local Guild. 

Nor do I get paid to do most of the 360° stuff I do.

Give the purpose of mapping those places. That I may not get paid for. But can share the world around me. if you know of places that are not mapped or Photographed in 360 please reach out to me thru my social media contact points 

Money is not the most important thing in life.


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Making Memories out of Moments

. I am a Combat Veteran; I’ve had to stop working because of Gulf War problems and lower back issues and PTSD. I took up 360 photography because at my age, I didn't want to simply sit at home. Doing nothing is truly depressing. So to try and work through the issues of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) problems I took up 360 photography and Local Guilding where I get to document and Update the places I go and see. Since I’m slowly losing my mobility. I made modifications to my backpack, which means I don't have to carry too much equipment a so even day I have to use a cane I can still document life. Of course, keeping up with and upgrading to better equipment is a daunting task when you are on a fixed income. So, the goal of getting better equipment is a slow one at best. I try and do as much I can when I'm in the place. Since I may not get back there again. Just for you to get an idea of my back pain, even the simple thing of holding my young grandson can be too much to lift and carry without agony. But try and explain to a Child. Overall, I don't get paid to take 360 photos. The advantage of that if an event or such becomes too much "VA Issues" I can bail or if that day is nonfunctional for me, I don't go out. No, lose. My biggest project lately is documenting veterans’ cemeteries and Hiking and walking Trails no Google car can go around the area I live in Hampton Roads VA and the state. We have Hampton national cemetery where there are 2k graves dating back to civil war days. The headstones are getting hard to read. And my grandson may not be able to read some by the time he has a son. So working on getting them on Google Street View is very important. And with my own nature, I try and produce the best I can with what I have. A little bit about myself: I was in the Us Army Combat Medic. I served in Desert Storm. As a result of this, I have gulf war problems along with lower back issues and PTSD, as I mentioned. It has made it to the point lifting things or even the simple act of squatting down and trying to get back up to a standing position hard some days. And with intestinal issues, life can be the shits... So in Jan of 2017 Social Security and Veterans Administrations said I’m total disability and can no longer work at regular Jobs. With the back injury, there are days I can barely move. I see a chiropractor 24 times a year and in their infinite wisdom pays VA pays for 12 chiropractic visits, I have to pay the rest. Back surgery is a no go too high a chance I would not walk after according to the VAs own doctors. I rather walk with pain than not walk at all. Even the grandson can be too much to lift and carry without agony. But try and explain to a 2yr old. And personally, I don't agree with medicating to addiction or nonfunctioning. And the government wonders why there is 22 day to suicide by Vets. #mission22 The PTSD is over a traumatic event that happens while in Desert Storm. So I have problems dealing with people, especially crowds that can get rowdy like football games and concerts or such. Nor can I deal with fireworks that come out of nowhere. And firework events I know to just avoid. It also affects things like writing and sometimes talking I get stuck on words and grammar structure.

Photos from my Instagram

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